Spanish toddler trapped in borewell

A two year old boy was trapped in a well since Sunday the 13th of January. He along with his family were walking through a private estate in Totalan, Malaga, in southern Spain when he slipped into the well.

Debris were found in the well along with traces of hair. A DNA test confirmed that it belonged to the child. The child however is still to be detected in the well.

Oxygen is being supplied using pipes in the 360 foot deep well.

The residents of the town held a vigil on Wednesday to support the family and stand by them during this extreme terrible phase.

The police said a Swedish firm who located 33 children in Chile after 69 days, about 7 years ago arrived to help with the rescue operations.

Alternate routes were discussed to help the toddler, much like digging a new parallel tunnel along side to retrieve the boy.

Digging is currently underway on either side of the tunnel. Rescue crew have been working day and night, however digging halted briefly when they hit a rock at 260 feet. Officials hope to create an intersection tunnel by Friday in order to rescue the boy.