Spanish Toddler Julen: Rescue Operations Reach Final Stage

Eleven days after the two year old boy Julen Rosello fell into an illegal 100 meter borewell, rescuers have finally reached the end stage of their most crucial operation.

The rescue crew successfully installed the tubes to protect the 60 meter shaft they dug parallel to the well the boy was trapped in. Now a team of miners will be lowered into the shaft in capsules to manually dig the last 4 meters stretch up to the place where the boy is believed to be. This task could take close to 24 hours, skillful miners would work in 60 minute shifts to prevent any fatigue.

Julen had fallen into the narrow borewell on the 13th of January. Rescue workers failed to establish any contact all through these days. However the crew have been working tirelessly to bring out the boy safely.

They completed digging of a 60 meter shaft parallel to the boy on the 8th day, but tubes designed to protect the shaft suffered a technical glitch. The tubes wouldn’t go beyond 40 meters into the shaft, later the crew begun drilling the shaft to widen it. Now since the tubes have secured the shaft, it should not take more than 24 hours for the rescuers to reach the boy.

The town of the Totalan, southern Spain have been holding vigils to show support to the family during this extreme troublesome phase.