Spanish man preserves severed finger to unlock smartphone after accident

A Spanish man reportedly proved that he can unlock his Samsung Galaxy phone with the tip of his severed finger.

Kieran Higgins’ index finger had been severed in an industrial accident two weeks prior.

Higgins, a semi-retired auditor claims that his dead finger tip, which he is keeping in medicinal alcohol, is able to unlock the device.

The shrivelled finger tip, which was crushed in an incident involving a crane, even has a hole down the centre where the bone used to run.

‘I devised a cunning plan to register the fingerprint on my brand new phone,’ Higgins said.

‘I extracted the fingertip from its grave of medicinal alcohol, dried it off and… eureka! … managed to register my dead finger on my phone.’

According to Lucas Francese, a biometric device expert said standard technology identifies fake fingers, such as those made by rubber or gelatine, from working.

However, it ‘enables real fingers, dead or alive, to work’.

Describing the ordeal of losing his finger tip, Higgins said he first drove himself to the nearest pharmacy.

The pharmacy ‘wrapped it in paper’ and told Higgins to drive to hospital, which was another 20km journey.

Once in hospital, doctors bandaged the rest of his finger and gave him painkillers and antibiotics.

The doctors unfortunately couldn’t attach the severed finger tip as it was too badly damaged. Since the incident Higgins has been keeping the severed finger in the alcohol jar at home.