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Spain: Mysterious ‘Team A’ rescues trapped dogs surrounded by lava

Since the beginning of the Cumbre Vieja volcano eruption on 19 September, people and their pets were evacuated from the ever-growing danger zone. However, after the entire neighbourhood of Todoque vacated from, authorities used drones to monitor the situation and realized that a number of dogs were trapped on a small patch of land with no possibility of moving away without getting hurt.

Local companies Volcanic Life and Ticom Soluciones SL fed the animals using drones for several days while concocting a plan to rescue the stranded pups.

Drones are the only viable way for a possible rescue as the use of helicopters is unfeasible due to the materials released by the volcano.

A team from drone company Aerocámaras had even been planning to send a 50kg cargo drone with a remote-controlled net to try and trap the dogs one by one and fly them out over the lava.

But according to Jaime Pereira, CEO of Aerocámaras, the dogs disappeared from all radars on Wednesday.

"By yesterday we couldn’t see anything,” he told Spanish newspaper El País.

“But we wanted to be sure."

“We have been checking the images today and we have confirmed with the authorities that there are tracks where the dogs were, so we know that they have been there.

“There is a video of the sign that was taken several days ago.”

The sign Mr Pereira mentions is a white banner detected by regular drones flying the area that says “Be strong La Palma, the dogs are fine” and is signed by a mysterious “A Team.”

“The banner is really there, only overturned by the wind, and we saw human footprints, so we understand the dogs had been gone for some days,” said Mr Pereira.

“We knew something weird was going on as we checked all the areas where they could have been hiding and discovered nothing.

“Now we only want to see the dogs, to verify that they are well and the same ones we’ve been looking for."

Animal advocacy group Leales, who previously asked the drone company to use large cargo drones to fetch the dogs, said on Thursday that “anonymous animalists” seem to have entered the area and rescued the dogs, citing a video it had received by email.

Footage in the anonymous video was shot by a drone.

Leales said it suspects that the unknown rescuers might have used a drone's thermal imaging to determine a relatively “cold” path through the lava field.

Leales said the video arrived via a brief email that was also signed by the A Team.

If people have in fact travelled to the area to collect the dogs, whose owners have still not come forward, they would have been violating the exclusion zone established by the authorities in the areas affected by the volcano.