Spain: La Palma volcano eruption claims first victim

The body of a seventy-year-old man was found on Saturday in a house located in the exclusion perimeter of Los Llanos de Aridane, in La Palma.

The incident occurred when the man was cleaning his home, affected by the accumulation of ash from the volcano, which erupted on September 19.

Authorities are investigating the cause of his death. If it is confirmed that the man lost his life when the roof of the house collapsed, it would be the first fatal case left by the eruption of the La Palma volcano.

The mayor of El Paso, Sergio Rodríguez, explained that the deceased is the owner of the house and that a few days ago the roofs of the houses in that area were subjected to an ash cleaning.

Asimsimo, recalled that the crews of volunteers who clean the ash are usually formed by four or five owners of the houses to go to clean certain areas.