Spain: Cumbre Vieja volcanic explosions remain stable without significant changes in intensity

The Cumbre Vieja volcano eruptions on La Palma Island remain stable without significant changes in intensity.

However, the explosive activity at the vents was stronger once again, producing ash plumes that rose to 8,000 ft altitude and drifting west over the ocean, while lava continues to flow towards the ocean.

Sometimes, heat convection and winds create small heat "tornados" over the hot lava flow field, similar to dust devils in the desert.

Strombolian explosions and lava spattering occur during phases, and can be seen especially well at night.

Surface lava flows are active on the slopes of the cone, as sometimes lava overspills from the lower vents, although most of it continues to go directly into the tube system to feed the active flow downslope near the ocean.

The video below from the Coast Guard shows the lava touching the ocean:

The volcanic tremors have stayed more or less stable, with typically short-lived fluctuations, but overall at levels comparable to the past 7 days, during which it has been showing a very slow decreasing trend.

Earthquake activity also remains at similar, comparably low levels as in the past days. During the latest 24 hours, there was only one quake of magnitude 4.4 along with 9 quakes between 3.0 and 3.9.