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SOS sign spotted in CCTV camera saves missing camper

A 55-year-old woman spent who was missing for three days in the Australian bush was rescued after she drew an SOS message that was spotted on security cameras.

Deborah Pilgrim, the woman was lost on Sunday after separating from her camping group in South Australia.

After finding herself stranded in an empty property she wrote “SOS” in the dirt. The owner of the property who lives 70km away from the property spotted the message on a video camera and alerted police.

Authorities later found Pilgrim on Tuesday night local time “in good health” near the town of Sedan.

The police said that he had “intermittently” checked the cameras on his property after learning of the search for Pilgrim.

He said he installed the CCTV cameras after multiple break ins at his property.

Deborah Pilgrim after being found