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Sony matches PlayStation 5 price to that of Xbox Series X

Sony has matched the price of their upcoming flagship PlayStation 5 to that of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

Sony also confirmed the PS5’s “digital edition” – which does not have a disc drive – would cost about 40% more than the low-end Xbox Series S.

Both PS5 consoles are set to be released on 19 November in the UK, and 12 November in the US, Japan and Australia.

That puts them slightly later than Microsoft’s 10 November launch date.

Sony was the clear leader in the previous generation of the so-called console wars.

The various PlayStation 4 consoles outsold the Xbox One range by a factor of more than two to one.

But the US$ 500 cost of the Japanese firm’s new top-end machine and US$ 400 of the digital edition means it may be a closer battle this time, at least to begin with.

One key difference between the two companies’ strategies is that the Xbox Series S delivers lower-resolution graphics than the Series X because it has less powerful components, while Sony has opted only to remove the Blu-ray drive from its entry-level machine.