Sons steal goats to help fund father’s movie starring them in lead roles

Two siblings were caught stealing goats in the south Indian city of Chennai, in order to fund their father’s film that was starring them in the lead roles.

The brothers were committing the theft for the past three years, stealing one or two goats from different goatherds. Yet, they were clever enough to ensure that they don’t steal more than two goats from any herd to not raise any suspicion.

V Niranjan Kumar and Lenin Kumar have been stealing around eight to ten goats everyday and sold each for around INR₹ 800.

They were raising funds for their father’s regional film, ‘Nee Thaan Raja’ , which had stopped production for the lack of any funds.

Th duo would roam in their car around the neighbourhood to look for lone animal grazing along the road side.

Ensuring when there’s no one around, they would quickly pick up the animal and stuff them into their car and speed off.

It was only when they decided to steal the goat of a man named Palan who had only six goats. Losing one of them triggered Palan enough to lodge a complaint with the Madhavaram Police.

While investigation, the police found out that many had lost one or two of their goats.

The police nabbed them brothers while they were committing the act.

According to the police, the duo had initially begun by buying goats when they went for ‘scouting location’ and then started talking with goatherds. Eventually they moved on to stealing thinking one or two missing goats wouldn’t be bothering anyone much.