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Social media triggers rumors of World War III

Social media has triggered rumors of an upcoming World War III following the killing of an Iranian soldier by the United States.

US President Donald Trump ordered the killing of Iran Revolutionary Guards commander Qasem Soleimani, who died in Baghdad “in a decisive defensive action to protect US personnel abroad,” the Pentagon statement read.

With Iran vowing to exact “severe revenge” from the US, social media has spiralled with fears of a Third World War breaking out with ‘World War 3’ trending on Twitter.

Many memes mostly from the United States joked about another world war. Below are a few:

While many poked President Trump, his attempts to divert attention from his impeachment proceedings.

The previous world wars killed over a 100 million people globally and crippled the world economy. The damage and the destruction from the bombs continues to affect people even today. The world would not survive another world war.

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