Social Media Reacts To Time Magazine ‘India’s Divider in Chief’ Cover Page

Social media when abuzz after Prime Minister Modi found himself in the front page of the TIME Magazine, with title “India’s Divider in Chief”.

For the most part social media seemed divided with content of the texts, and some extreme patriots of Mr. Modi went on to criticise the author of the article Aatish Taseer. People felt it easy to target him, first cause he is Muslim, secondly because he is Pakistani. The natural grudge between India-Pakistan forced its way out.

Many Indians in fact seemed to like it, people compared the cover pictures of previous Indian prime minister’s and asked left it their judgement.

Below are a few reactions from social media :-

@GauravPandhi on a broader note compared the scenario before and after Modi, “Run up to 2014, BJP used #TimeMagazine’s cover as a validation for Modi. Five years later, the world has seen how Modi has divided people of India.”

@BeingMaek evoked the citizenship of the writer, “Aatish Taseer is a pakistani journalist..what do expect from a pakistani journalist..why pappu gang celebrating?”

@suchit27 called on the international media to introspect, “If @Time magazine praised Dynasty & insulted Modi, then atleast now we should wake up & realise how big the battle is for Modi. Superpowers and their intelligence don’t rule India now, Modi-first PM of Independent India need our support to tackle Anti-India Media.”

@Indian_Dinosaur points out at the part where the cover page also referred PM Modi as, “Modi The Reformer”.

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