Insane Social Media Reactions

Social media is praying for reel life character Nesamani

Social media is praying for Nesamani, and therefore continuously trended #Pray_for_Neasamani. Micro-blogging platform with tweets was flooded with prayers and memes for their beloved painting contractor Nesamani, played by comedian Vadivelu, from the 2001 Tamil film Friends.

The movie is directed by Siddique. In the film, Nesamani and his team of painters work in a palace to give a facelift to the building. But two of his apprentices played by Vijay and Suriya bring him trouble and jeopardise the whole contract.

In the movie scene from the film, Nesamani gets hit by a hammer, when one of his employees drops it on his head. Below is the scene of the movie if you skip to 4.37 minutes –

Below are a few memes:-

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