Social Media Helps Mom Find Her Son’s Favourite Stuffed Toy She Lost During A Hike

Jennifer Thorsen, a mom of a four year old boy took her son’s favorite stuffed animal Grover to take a picture of it at a 14,000 feet high mountain climb. After returning from the hike she noticed that she lost the stuffed animal toy.

On releasing that she lost her son’s favourite soft toy, she knew her son would be devastated. So she used her social media accounts to make contact with other members of her hike. She asked if anyone found the soft toy on the way back.

One of the fellow hiker, Michael Thomas in her group found her son’s stuffer animal “Grover” safe and well.  He was covered in ice, when Thomas found it.

Later, she again posted to confirm that a fellow hiker found the electric blue “Sesame Street” character. The Grover is Declan’s best friend, and he takes it everywhere with him. Jennifer thought that her special adventure with the grover will one day inspire Declan to climb mountains with her.