So far this year 115 bodies unearthed in Mexico’s Jalisco state

The remains of at least 25 people were found buried in a mass grave outside the western Mexican city of Guadalajara, the Jalisco state prosecutor’s office has said.

The mass grave was found on Thursday and searchers have so far “extracted the remains of 25 unidentified dead people, as well as five bags that are presumed to also contain human remains,” the agency said in a statement on Sunday.

Neighbours said dogs uncovered bones at an abandoned farm, in the town of El Salto south of Guadalajara.

The remains were transferred to a local morgue for further examination.

So far this year, 115 bodies have been found in at least 10 clandestine graves in Jalisco, most of them outside Guadalajara, Mexico’s second-largest city.

The state has been the scene of rising violence during the past five years, linked to a powerful drug cartel, Jalisco Nueva Generacion.