Snapchat wants to stop disappearing stories?

Snapchat is known for its disappearing photos and videos, but soon this could change. The company is working on posts to last longer, maybe even permanent.

This could be a big step for the company to lure and keep users to make content shared publicly via the “Our Story” section. The company is currently seeing users flee to rival applications, this move is to target such users.

Also this motive makes a new source of revenue for snapchat developers.

Snapchat has always weighed heavily on privacy, the company is looking to change its technical and legal terms for posts to be made public. Snapchat’s rival Facebook has faced several scandals over handling of user data.

The company got the idea after a survey and feedback from users. Initially public posts disappeared after 30 days, however now they remain visible for 90 days.

The company’s stock is under pressure after steep fall after the initial public offer, investors want profits. This move enables snapchat to boost revenue.