Smriti Irani demands “death sentence” for her close aides assassination in Amethi

BJP leader Smriti Irani attended the funeral of her close aide, a former village head and party worker who was shot dead in Amethi.

Surendra Singh was short dead by unidentified men at around 3 am on Sunday. He was attacked at his home when he was sleeping, his son Abhay Singh told reporters. Seven people have been taken into custody in the murder case.

Mrs. Irani met the family members of the victim, and acted as a  pallbearers at Surendra Singh’s funeral. Speaking to news agency ANI Mrs, Irani said, “I have taken a vow before Surendra Singh ji’s family. The one who fired at him and the one who ordered it…. even if I have to go to Supreme Court to seek death sentence for them, I will knock the doors of the court.”

She added that her party worker would receive justice as it has been the policy of Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath government to ensure justice.

Surendra Singh participated in her election campaign and had earned praise from the BJP leader in her speeches at public meetings. Rukmani Singh, Surendra’s wife said, “He did not have any rivalry with anyone. It was only after he supported and helped Irani win that he was killed.”

Smriti Irani defeated Rahul Gandhi by over 55,000 votes in the constituency that he had been winning since 2004. The loss of Amethi had pushed the Congress’s tally in Uttar Pradesh to a single seat.

Meanwhile, the police would be probing the case as murder and as political motive. Uttar Pradesh state police chief Om Prakash Singh speaking to PTI said, “We have come to know about an old enmity. We are also finding out if there was any political enmity. In initial investigation, we have got some vital clues.”

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