Smart contact lenses that change colour, see in dark, zoom 60 times, record memories are coming in 2021

Smart contact lenses changing colours, of seeing clearly in the dark and recording memories in real time will soon become a reality in 2021.

Concept announced by e-shop Lenstore called iLens when paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth would allow you to record your daily memories in video. A telephoto camera embedded in the lens would allow you to zoom digitally up to 60x to enhance your eyesight and discover details invisible to the naked eye. This digital feat would also allow you to see perfectly in the dark.

iLens would also display augmented reality information, for instance to keep a certain distance from others, or practical information regarding air quality or the weather.

Another interesting feature is that iLens would warn you if you’ve spent too much time in front of a screen and would encourage you to take breaks to avoid eye strain.

This new generation of contacts will be designed in silicone hydrogel. They will ship in a storage case that doubles as a QI charging station. According to Lenstore, the iLens battery life is 48 hours per charge. This device could be adapted for anyone, with or without prescription lenses.

For the moment, the concept remains rather obscure since we don’t know much about its creator, nor its price.