Small Canadian pharmacy sells toasters after accidentally ordering 220 units more than needed

A Canadian pharmacy is looking to offload a ton of toasters after accidentally ordering 220 more than it needed.

Betty Swaffer, the front store manager at the Waverley Road Pharmachoice in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia thought she pre-booked just two Sunbeam toasters a couple of months ago.

“Because we’re only a little small pharmacy,” she said.

So she was surprised when the delivery showed up on Thursday with far more toasters than she was expecting.

“When they arrived, oh my goodness,” she said. “They just kept coming out of the truck, and coming out of the truck, and coming out of the truck.”

That’s when Swaffer realized that while placing the order, she must have accidentally pressed the “2” key three times instead of just once.

She acknowledged she didn’t double check the order and the situation was her fault. “I should have noticed the $3,000 error, but I didn’t,” said Swaffer.

She called her supplier, which said they couldn’t take the appliances back.

“So here I am, stuck with 222 toasters,” said Swaffer.

She made a self-deprecating post about her toaster troubles on Facebook Thursday night, saying the store would sell them at-cost for $13.99 to get rid of them.

Since then, they’ve sold more than 30, and Swaffer said some people people have reached out asking to buy several to donate to people in the community.

While she’s able to laugh about the situation now, Swaffer said she learned an important lesson: “Double check your work.”