Six baby elephants trapped in muddy pits were rescued in Thailand

Six baby elephants separated from their parents, trapped in a muddy pit for days were rescued by park rangers in Thailand.

When the rangers were patrolling an area they stumbled upon a struggling herd of elephants at a national park, East of Bangkok on Wednesday. They found six baby elephants between the age of one and four trapped in deep muddy waters. Since the elephants could not climb out of the pit, a team went back to base camp to collect drilling equipment, while few men stayed back to watch over the elephants.

The elephants were found by the park rangers on Wednesday afternoon, and the drilling work to make the pit less steep started only on Thursday morning.

After four or five hours of continuous drilling the baby elephants managed to walk out of the trap. A video of the rescue had gone viral on social media, rangers were heard yelling “Go, children, go!”

Rangers had observed a herd of 30 adult elephants nearby and believed the young calves must have been separated from them. The baby elephants looked weak, which means that they may have gotten trapped a day or two before they were found said park superintendent Prawatsart Chantheap.

Elephants are the national animal of Thailand, their numbers stood at 1,00,000 in the year 1850, but today their population stands at 2700. Deforestation and poaching have dwindled thousands of elephants over the past century.