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Singapore unveils the world’s largest floating solar farm

Singapore inaugurated one of the world’s largest floating solar farms. The project is situated on the Tengeh Reservoir and is carried out by Singapore’s National Water Agency and Sembcorp Industries.

This solar farm houses approximately 122,000 solar panels that are spread over 45 hectares. The plant has the capacity to generate enough electricity to power 5 of Singapore’s water treatment plants.

The main objective of establishing this farm was to combat the rising carbon dioxide emission levels and meet the target of quadrupling its solar energy usage by the end of 2025.

The project will help alleviate carbon emissions by at least 32 kilo-tonnes every year.


The floating doubled glass solar photovoltaics have a 60 megawatt peak capacity and are expected to perform better than the conventional rooftop panels, the key reasons being lack of shade due to huge buildings blocking the sunrays and water’s cooling effect.

The panels are fastened to the bed of the reservoir with the help of concrete blocks and chains. And the floats which the panels lie on are made of high quality durable polyethylene material which can be recycled and are ultraviolet and corrosion-resistant.

Drones would be used to maintain these panels. These panels have a life expectancy rate of 25 years or more.


The adverse impacts on the environment were taken into consideration while designing these panels so as to ascertain minimal to no damage to the reservoir and its aquatic life.

“These panels were carefully designed to improve airflow and allow sunlight passing through the water to reach aquatic life,” said Jen Tan of Sembcorp Industries.


“With this floating solar power plant, which we believe to be one of the largest in the world, PUB takes a big step towards enduring energy sustainability in water treatment. Solar energy is plentiful, clean and green, and is key to reducing PUB’s and also Singapore’s carbon footprint.” said Ng Joo Hee, Chief Executive Officer of Singapore’s Public Utilities Board (PUB).

The nation has four more floating solar farm projects that are underway which will help them in aligning themselves to a more sustainable, healthy, safe environment and future.