Singapore to test all migrant workers living in dormitories for coronavirus

Singapore to test all 3,23,000 migrant workers living in cramped dormitories for coronavirus.

The dorms have become a hotbed for coronavirus in the tiny city-state.

The island’s tally of 25,346 infections is one of Asia’s highest, and a vast majority of these cases is made up by migrant workers squeezed into often unsanitary dormitories on the nation’s fringes.

Infections in the dormitories had earlier stabilised with the daily average having fallen to about 700 in the past week from more than 1,000 in late April.

Some businesses, such as hairdressers, laundry services and pet suppliers, re-opened on Tuesday in the city-state, but most workplaces and schools remain closed under Singapore’s virus measures due to run until June 1.