Signature Bridge Delhi

Aam Aadmi party government is finally inaugurating the signature bridge this evening. The bridge is 675 meters long, it would have a viewing gallery at 157 meters height to view Delhi and promote tourism.

Who should take credit for the Signature Bridge?

The project was announced in 1997 by then BJP government headed by Sahib Singh Verma. The estimated cost of the bridge at that time was RS. 464 cr. Government changed and Congress Sheila Dikshit government sought construction of the bridge in 2004. It was approved by the Sheila Dikshit cabinet in 2007 at a cost of RS. 1131 cr.

The bridge was supposed to be ready by the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi. The bridge was still not constructed when the Aam Aadmi Party government came to power in Delhi in 2014.

The construction cost of the Signature Bridge had risen to RS. 1500 cr in 2015.

Manish Sisodia the current Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi personally took initiative in completion of this Bridge. With regular inspections, the bridge was finally completed this month.

Well the tricky part who takes credit, well the public paid their taxes. It would be right to dedicate the bridge to the public rather than an individual or a party taking credit for the bridge. Personally speaking all the parties have had their part to play.