Siddaramaiah Mocks Individual For Wearing ‘Kumkum Tika’

Former Chief Minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah triggered a new controversy by making a shocking statement about people wearing vermillion (kumkum) on their forehead.

Speaking at an event in Badami the former CM said –

“You are wearing that kumkum, will you do the work properly? I am scared of people who wear such kumkum. You have to do the work well and finish it on time, I don’t know… I have this fear about people who wear such long tikas on their forehead”

The Congress leader and Former Chief Minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah attended an event to inaugurate a lake rejuvenation project in Badami. The leader picked at the contractor who wore the sacred kumkum. He questioned the ability and capability of the contractor to finish the work on time.

Siddaramaiah is known for making such disgraceful remarks, in January this year he was seen snatching the microphone away from a woman in a public meeting pulling her dupatta.

(The Pigeon Express Opinion –  No one in our nation has the right to question anyone’s religious beliefs that are expressed publicly. The former CM has targeted an individual’s basic fundamental right “Right to Freedom of Religion” and “Cultural and Educational rights”.)