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Shocking Video: Tiger chases tourist bus on jungle safari

A tiger at the Nandanvan Jungle Safari in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, chased a tourist bus on Friday evening following which two officials of the park were sacked for ignoring safety protocol.

A group of tourists were a part of a jungle safari when they came across two tigers fighting when suddenly one of them tried to grab a curtain on the window of their bus.

As the tiger tried to attack the bus, a tourist asked the driver to speed off following which the animal gave a chase.

After a video of the incident came to the notice of senior officials, the driver of the bus and the tour guide were sacked, officials said.

“The services of the vehicle’s driver Omprakash Bharti and guide Naveen Puraina were terminated. They ignored the safari’s standard protocol,” Nandanvan Jungle Safari Director M Mercy Bella said.

“As per our preliminary inquiry, the video was shot by the guide. Guides and drivers are trained to ensure safety of animals and visitors at the safari but these two staff ignored protocol. Instead of accelerating the vehicle, they should have waited and let the situation normalise,” the official added.

The safari director said a forest guard in charge of the tourist vehicle has been issued a show cause notice.

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