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Shocking Video: Plane Gets Struck By Three Lightening Bolts At Once

Shocking footage captured this weekend shows a plane getting hit by three bolts of lightning shortly before landing at London’s Heathrow Airport.

According to Yahoo News, the video was shot in central London moments before the plane attempted to land in stormy weather. In the video, three forks of lightning are seen striking the aircraft, which was filmed flying in a sky overcast with grey clouds.

The lightning bolts appear to originate from different directions before converging to hit the plane, which continues flying after the impact.

An eyewitness who saw the scene unfold from his seventh-floor balcony said “What a moment to get the camera out.

“When I watched it back I thought ‘Oh my God it’s hit the plane. Flipping heck’.

“It was such a large bolt it looks like it hit the floor. I just hope no one was hurt,” he said, according to the Daily Mail.

The video of the lightning bolts striking the plane has gone viral on social media, collecting a number of stunned responses. It is unlikely that anyone was hurt in the incident, as commercial aircrafts are built to endure weather disturbances.

In fact, aircrafts are bombarded by lightning every single day. It is estimated that each plane is hit by lightning at least once every two years. According to the Daily Mail, passenger planes are built with electrical shielding which protects the inside of the plane from lightning bolts. People on board the plane often don’t notice the lightning, or experience just a quick flash.