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Ship carrying thousands of Bentleys, Porsches and other luxury cars on fire off Portugal’s Azores Islands

A mammoth cargo ship carrying thousands of Porsches, Bentleys and other luxury cars is on fire mid sea in the Atlantic for the last five days.

The fire has been burning since February 16, as the ship drifts in the sea near Portugal’s Azores Islands. Its 22-person crew abandoned ship and was rescued on Thursday.

The cargo ship Felicity Ace is aflame from bow to stern with a lithium-ion battery fire that can’t be put out with water alone.

Tug boats have been spraying water on the ship to little success.

The salvage crew working on the burning ship now says electric-vehicle batteries are part of the reason it is still aflame after several days.

The car carrier was on the way from Europe to the US with a load of new vehicles on board when it caught fire near the Azores.

There were reports that the ship would be towed to the Azores, but the 650-foot-long ship is too big for the port of Horta there.

Porsche spokesperson told Bloomberg that the automaker estimates it had around 1100 vehicles on the Felicity Ace, and 189 Bentleys have also been confirmed as being part of the cargo list.