Sheep enroll in French school to prevent scale down of classes

Fifteen sheep have enrolled at a French primary school as part of a novel bid to save classes at risk from closure.

Jules-Ferry in Crets en Belledonne, a small town of less than 4,000 people at the foot of the Alps, had been told that it would have to scale back its lessons because of falling pupil numbers. The school that operates with only 261 kids but now they have been joined by dozen sheep to tackle what parents have described as a “miserable situation”.

Michel Girerd, local herder along with the help of his dog, escorted the new pupils to the school to see them officially signed up with their birth certificates.

The school that operates 11 classes was asked to scale back, however with the addition of the sheep the “surge in numbers were good,” described a parent.

The local mayor seemed to play along only to limit the French President Emmanuel Macron’s Education Policy.

On the contrast the addition of the sheep seemed to be exciting for the kids, as they waited to greet them at the gates. However, the authorities were still to jot down the syllabus for the sheep.

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