Shahid Kapoor abandons show after award went to Ranveer Singh

Shahid Kapoor walks out of an award show after award went to Ranveer Singh, reports claim.

“It was an understanding that Shahid will perform because he was bagging the award. He had rehearsed for the performance too.”

According to Pinkvilla, things reportedly went awry when eventually the award was given to Ranveer Singh. Shahid reportedly cancelled his performance and walked out of the venue.

“The award was then presented to Ranveer Singh and Shahid then supposedly walked out of the show. He was to perform but he decided not to record his performance as well,” the report said.

Shahid Kapoor was reportedly upset with the organisers for their “unprofessional” behaviour.

“Shahid apparently lost his cool on the organisers because it was an unprofessional move on their part to sneakily change the whole scenario. He was reportedly very upset with how the whole thing was addressed.”

Shahid Kapoor featured in Kabir Singh which turned out to be a box office hit despite being criticised for promoting violence and misogyny.

Shahid and Ranveer are co-stars of Padmaavat. They had a reported feud during the shooting of the film and apparently shot their scenes separately.

This unusual episode took place in Mumbai on Sunday evening for the Star Screen Awards.

Following Shahid’s reported exit from the show, the organisers were on the look-out for another actor to fill the performance slot for the final edit of the show, which will be telecast on TV later.

Other reports claimed that Varun Dhawan “agreed to” perform to fill Shahid’s slot.

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