Severe flooding may have damaged North Korea’s nuclear facility

Heavy rains in North Korea may have damaged the nation’s nuclear program, a website that analyses North Korea has claimed.

38 North, has claimed “the flooding exposed how vulnerable the nuclear reactors’ cooling systems are to extreme weather events.”

The website has said their pumps and power systems could potentially have been damaged, and piping systems that draw water from the river also could have been clogged due to the flooding.

The nuclear center, a facility about 100km north of North Korea’s capital Pyongyang. The center reportedly comprised nearly 400 nuclear-related buildings.

The website reported that satellite imaginary showed rise in water level of the Kuryong River between July 22 and August 6. Imaginary further showed water retreating between August 8 and 11.

The Korean peninsula has been struck by one of the longest rainy spells in recent history. Rains have continued for over 50 days now, which is the longest in history.

In the first week of August North Korea received 33 inches of rain, almost equal to the annual amount of 37 inches.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visited some parts of North Hwanghae Province where rains flooded hundreds of houses and rice fields last week, Korean state TV reported.