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Several Indian media outlets peddle fake news of CIVIL WAR in Pakistan

Indian news outlets and social media have been widely circulating fake news, claiming a civil war had broken out in Karachi, Pakistan.

Reports emerged after local Pakistani media said troops had kidnapped the provincial police chief to force him to arrest a top opposition leader.

Indian media went much further saying the clashes between the police and army had resulted in the deaths of many Karachi police officers and tanks had been seen on the streets.

Fake videos claimed to show the unrest. Several verified Twitter accounts put out this false propaganda to millions of followers.

Though there was anger among opposition parties and policemen in Karachi there was no violence.

Mainstream Pakistani media outlets were quick to challenge Indian media claims with fact-checks.

Pakistan and India have been enemies since their independence from Britain in 1947. Both nations have gone at war against each other on three occasions.