Insane Social Media Reactions

Seven-headed snake sighting leaves people curious

A large number of people are thronging 60 kilometers off Bengaluru to see a seven-headed serpent.

Locals in Marigowdana Doddi village in Kanakapura spotted the ‘seven-headed’ snake near a temple. After the local news networks flashed the seven headed snake and it went viral on social media several people rushed to spot the miracle.

In the Hindu mythology, Shesha or Sheshanaga is depicted as a giant serpent that floats coiled in space, or ocean to form the bed on which Lord Vishnu lies.

Locals say that a similar snakeskin was discovered in the village six months ago, following which a shrine was constructed to worship it.

The process of skin-shedding in reptiles is called ecdysis. Snakes shed their old skin after parasites grow on them. Typically, snakes shed their old skin every three weeks to two months.

Meanwhile, snake experts have dismissed the existence of any such “seven-headed” snake.

Source : Various