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Server error locks Tesla drivers out of their cars

A glitch in the Tesla mobile application left several drivers locked out of their vehicles.

A number of users reported a “500 server error” when trying to use the Tesla app. That indicates something has gone wrong with an Internet server the app is trying to connect to.

“Still stuck in Seoul” wrote Jaehwan Cho on Twitter after earlier reporting the server error when trying to use it with his Tesla Model 3.

The website Downdetector showed a large spike in reported Tesla server problems at around 5pm on Friday.

It is unknown exactly how many Tesla owners are affected by the outage, or how many are locked out of their cars.

Tesla cars also come with a key card that works like the wireless key. Some owners can still use that to get into their cars and start them. If properly set up, the phone can also connect directly to the car without going through the Internet server. But drivers who relied solely on the app using an Internet connection were stuck.

The smartphone app also shows things like the car’s level of battery charge and whether it’s charging.