Senior police officer quits service in ‘civil disobedience’ against citizenship bill

Senior IPS officer Abdur Rahman resigned from the service in protest against the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill on Wednesday.

He said he took this decision in “civil disobedience”.

Posting his resignation on Twitter, Rahman, a 1997-Batch IPS officer of the Maharashtra cadre, said, “I condemn this Bill. As a civil disobedience, I have decided not to continue in the service and thus not to attend office from tomorrow.”

“I am quitting the service finally. I am sorry to those who want me to continue in service and give justice to the deprived people,” he added.

Rahman had been serving as the Special IGP of the Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission since March this year. He is now the first police officer to quit in protest.

Rahman also slammed the Indian Home Minister, Amit Shah for stating misleadingly information in the Indian parliament.

He tweeted, “During the passage of the Bill, wrong facts, misleadingly information, wrong logic were produced by the HM. History was distorted. The idea behind the bill is to stoke fear in Muslims and divide the nation. We condemn ‪#CitizenshipAmendmentBill.”

Critics pointed out that Rahman had already sought voluntary retirement for personal reasons which was not accepted by the government, and alleged that he was now trying to pass off his resignation as a protest.

Rahman’s resignation comes months after two IAS officers quit the administrative service in protest against the central government’s decision to scrap Article 370 of the Constitution, which gave certain privileges to the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir.

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