Senior Executive Swindles $5 Million To Pay Off Poker Debt

A senior executive from a global investment firm swindled $5 million to overcome financial loss while playing an online game recently.

Ashwani Jhunjhunwala, the vice president of Goldman Sachs was arrested for committing the crime. The legal head of the company filed a complaint forcing the police to arrest and produce Jhunjhunwala in court.

As per the police complaint Jhunjhunwala had used his three subordinates to swindle the money. He had allegedly logged on to their office systems on the pretext of training them.

“While working on their computers, he sent them away on some or the other pretext such as bringing water and logged on to their system. Then, he transferred INR₹ 38 crore ($5 million) in two instalments to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China illegally, ” the police complaint read.

The matter came to light on September 6 during an internal audit.

The company stated in its complaint that Ashwani Jhunjhunwala had lost $70,000 while playing online poker. He had also obtained loan of Rs. 25 lakh and personal loans from a few others.

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