Security guard stabs 2 teachers, 37 pupils in southern China school

Two adults and 37 children at a primary school in southern China were injured when a man attacked them with a knife on Thursday morning.

The incident happened about 8.30am at the Wangfu Town Central Primary School in the city of Wuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

An incident report released by the town government identified the alleged attacker as Li Xiaomin, a 50-year-old security guard who worked at the school.

Suspect being taken into custody

According to a statement by Wuzhou municipal government at noon, 39 people were injured in the attack. The students were not badly hurt but the two adult victims – the school principal and another security guard – were seriously injured. No one was in a critical condition

Eight ambulances were sent to the scene, and all of the wounded were being treated at Wuzhou city hospital and various health centres in Wangfu, the report said.

Many of the injured pupils were from the preschool class, and aged about six.

“Around 8.30am, I heard loud screams and cries from the school, as I live nearby. I rushed to the school and saw some of pupils running out,” a person said.

“A bystander told me a man with a knife was attacking the school. I rushed in to get my boy out. Fortunately, my son was just a bit shaken but not hurt.”

The suspect has been detained by local police for questioning.