Second Trump Kim Summit Next Month

The second summit between President Donald J Trump and North Korea’s Chairman Kim Jong Un will take place next month. The Korean negotiator held 90 minute talks with President Trump at the Oval office.

The date of the meet is still not finalised, but will likely take place towards the end of February.

The negotiator and Kim’s closest aid Kim Yong Chol arrived in Washington on Thursday evening with a letter from dictator Kim Jong Un. Earlier US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held talks with Chol at a hotel and hosted them for a lunch.

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called the one and half hour meet very productive.

In June 2018 Trump and Kim Jong Un held a summit in Singapore. The United States hopes to have a complete denuclearized Korean Peninsula. Vice President Mike Pence over the week made it clear that the US was still waiting for North Korea to take concrete steps to denuclearize.