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Sealed in an Earth-Jar?

A science enthusiast Kurtis Baute from Vancouver, is sealing himself in an ‘Earth Jar’ for 3 complete days. He is trying to create a micro Earth, and aims to bring awareness on climate change.

The jar is a 10×10 feet sealed with thick plastic sheets. Along with him 200 plants would be sealed too. The enclose has enough air for 3 days but the tricky part is that the carbon dioxide levels would rise. These plants need to do their magic to bring down excess carbon dioxide levels or else it could prove fatal. Exposure above certain levels can lead to convolutions, brain damage, coma and even death.

Kurtis comes from a family who are botanist so he has selected plants that would be able to suck down vast amounts of carbon dioxide. Also he has all tools handy around him to monitor himself and the enclosed environment. During the day the temperature of the sealed environment shot up to 30°c due to greenhouse effect while constructing. He would have to cope with extreme weather during the day and be in competition with plants for oxygen during the nights.
This is a big experiment and the pigeons wish him well during his time in the ‘Earthy-Jar’.