Seal with plastic ring stuck around neck for nearly 3-years finally freed

A seal, popularly known as Mrs Vicar, with a plastic ring, stuck around her neck has been freed from the object two-and-half-years after being rescued from a beach at Norfolk beach.

The adult grey seal was spotted on Horsey Beach, near Great Yarmouth, over two years ago on Easter Sunday with a plastic disc stuck around her neck which had started cutting into her neck as she grew bigger. But the disc was finally cut off by vets at the RSPCA’s East Winch Wildlife Centre near King’s Lynn where she is being looked after by the staff.

The ring has made a 7 cm deep wound around her neck which has become infected.

Alison Charles, manager at RSPCA East Winch told, they are grateful the grey seal has been rescued from the ring after two years. She shared that Mrs Vicar has been quiet since morning and her wound is sore with a “bad smell” but the staff is hopeful she will recover.

The staff plans to start the recovery process soon by giving her salty baths by adding two 25 kgs of salt to each bath which she will take one per day until her neck starts to granulate. She added this healing process is used when one can’t remove the damaged tissue or stitch a wound. Alison is infuriated that this injury could have been prevented.

She has been injected with antibiotics and painkillers which allow her to rest. Alison shares they hope Mrs Vicar “is strong enough to pull through.” The seal will be kept in custody where she would be taken care of, the doctors believe even if she makes it through the next few days, she would still not be out of danger.

According to Peter Ansell, Chairman of Friends of Horsey Seals said the disc was “some type of flange possibly used in large scale pipework.” Mrs Vicar would return back to sea after the recovery.