Scientists find plants that make sounds when in stress or pain

Scientists seem to have evidence regarding the sounds that plants make. A research found that plants make sounds when in pain or suffering from stress. The sound, which is not audible to human ears, can be heard by bats, mice and probably by some other plants too.

Plants can make sounds when they are deprived of water or are forced to endure bodily harm.

A research carried out by the University of Tel Aviv, showed that Tobacco and Tomato plants made sounds that could be recorded from a distance of 10 centimetres.

The research available on, claimed, “We recorded ~65 dB SPL ultrasonic sounds 10 cm from tomato and tobacco plants, implying that these sounds could be detected by some organisms from up to several meters away.

We 35 developed machine learning models that were capable of distinguishing between plant sounds and general noises, and identifying the condition of the plants – dry, cut, or intact – based solely on the emitted sounds. Our results suggest that animals, humans, and possibly even other plants, could use sounds emitted by a plant to gain information about the plant’s condition.”

Various studies, over the years, have proved that plants are more sensitive than what human beings would like to believe. Some researchers also claim that plants respond to insect touch, at times even sniff other plants etc.

In February 2018, Frantisek Baluska, a plant cell biologist at the University of Bonn in Germany said, “Plants are not just robotic, stimulus-response devices. They are living organisms which have their own problems, maybe something like with humans feeling pain or joy. In order to navigate this complex life, they must have some compass.”