School bus driver crashes in New Orleans while trying to break fight among students, 5 kids injured

Five students were injured after their bus driver crashed into a taxi while trying to break up a fight within the bus, according to the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD).

The incident occurred around 8:30am on Thursday when students on the bus began fighting, NOPD spokesperson Aaron Looney said in a statement.

The driver was trying to stop the brawl when he hit the back of a taxi.

The bus pushed the taxi into the rear of a third car, whose driver left the scene, Looney added.

Two of the 20 students on the bus reported injuries that were not considered critical.

A total of five students went to the hospital to be evaluated while the bus left the rest to school.

No one in the taxi was injured.

Officers cited the school bus driver for failure to maintain reasonable vigilance and for lacking proof of insurance.