SC says no wrongdoing in Rafale Deal

The Supreme Court of India (SC) pronounced the verdict on the Rafale deal that was made during the Modi Government. The SC said there was no occasion to doubt the billion dollar deal — ₹59,0000 cr for 36 fighter jets.

The verdict was pronounced by the bench headed by the Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi and other two judges. The bench did not want to get into the pricing structure or compare the deal with previous governments, the judgement further read it would not interfere in the process of procurement of the fighter jets.

For the selection of offset partner the Supreme Court mentioned there was no commercial favouritism. The Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said that it felt that the Rafale controversy is headed by an individual perspective. The SC indirectly hinted at Rahul Gandhi.

The Congress party chief Mr. Gandhi, questioned the selection process of Reliance Defence led by junior Ambani, Anil. The judgment is a major setback for the Congress part. The ruling BJP government will fell a sense of vindication.

However the Congress party is most likely to step up the revolt in the winter session of the Parliament and make it a key issue during the 2019 general elections.