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San Francisco police seize vehicle in which woman was seen brandishing AK-47 out of car window

The San Francisco police seized a vehicle weeks after a woman was caught on camera hanging out of its window while holding an AK-47.

The passenger leaned out of the window of the Cadillac with the firearm in her hands in the area of Barneveld and McKinnon avenues on July 11, according to police.

Members of the department’s traffic company investigated the case and seized the Cadillac this week.

The incident occurred during an “illegal exhibition of speed event,” or street racing.

Police have not said if any arrests have been made yet.

California generally prohibits people from openly carrying loaded or unloaded firearms (both handguns and long guns) in public with a narrow exception for residents of smaller counties.

If convicted, people could face sentences of up to three years in state prison.