Sacked Ryanair steward who drank whiskey from aircrafts drinks trolley faces jail

A Ryanair steward drank whiskey from the aircraft’s drinks trolley and downed a small bottle of wine while he was working and the flight from Poland was in the air, a court has been told.

Sam Thompson, 26, was on duty when a witness saw him drink Jack Daniels from the trolley before taking a small bottle of wine from his pocket and ‘necking the whole bottle’, Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court heard.

He has also been sacked by Ryanair for the offence, and could now face jail for a maximum of two years for the crime, under the Railways and Transport Safety Act 2003.

Ryanair crew are banned from drinking alcohol up to eight hours before, or during, a flight. The company’s code of ethics says being ‘impaired by drugs or alcohol while performing company business’ is subject to disciplinary action.

Ryanair said that the flight was being operated by sister company Lauda Europe.

‘Lauda Europe policy, in line with European Aviation Safety Agency regulation, prohibits the consumption of alcohol by cabin or flight crew from 8 hours prior to a flight duty until after the duty is complete,’ a spokesperson said.