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Russian YouTuber set his malfunctioning Mercedes-AMG GT car on fire

A Russian YouTuber set his malfunctioning Mercedes car on fire.

In a recent viral video, YouTuber Mikhail Litvin was seen torching his US$ 161,200 Mercedes car because he was just done with it. The video shows Litvin dousing the recently-bought Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S in gasoline and lighting a match to the luxury vehicle.

Litvin had been facing problems with the car ever since he bought it. He even tried to get the repairs made from the store several times after its purchase. But the car kept breaking down and malfunctioning despite repeated check-ups.

In all, the car was sent back five times to the Mercedes dealership for repair where it spent nearly 40 days after purchase. But the last time it broke down, the dealership refused to treat the car anymore.

This is when a decidedly outraged and exhausted Litvin decided to take things in his own hands. He drove the car out to a deserted field, doused it inflammable gasoline and set fire to it using a lighter.