Russian woman wades through ice cold water to save her dog who was chasing ducks

In a brave and heartwarming moment, a Russian mum waded into an icy pond, to save her pooch, who had fallen into the water while chasing ducks.

The video has gone viral on social media since being posted.

According to a report in Daily Mail, the incident took place in the town of Mytishchi in Russia, while the mum was walking with her three children.

In the footage shared by on Instagram by user @tolkacheva.katya, one can see Alina Naumova wading through the icy water in just a flimsy shirt while trying to save the black and white spotted pooch.

According to the report, Alina works as a paediatrician. In the clip, she can be seen swimming to reach her drowning pet. She finally manages to rescue the dog, who in a scary moment, is seen disappearing under the ice-cold water with nothing but its nose peeking through.

Thankfully, the mum was able to bring the dog ashore as two passers-by climbed down the muddy bank to offer her a helping hand.

The report said Alina said she could not let her dog drown while simply standing by. After the heroic rescue, onlookers helped her change and gave her blankets, the report added.

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