Russian teenager ‘axes’ his parents and sister to death because he didn’t want to go to school

A 17-year-old boy was detained on suspicion of axing his parents and sister to death ‘because he didn’t want to go to school’.

The boy later disfigured his father’s and dressed his corpse in his own clothes and took off, Russian police said.

This initially confused detectives who issued an identikit wanted appeal for father Alexey Gorbunov believing him to be the killer, and the teenage boy to be dead.

Forensic experts later established the badly mutilated body in the house in Oktyabrsky, Perm region was of the father.

The face was ‘strongly disfigured’, said the Russian Investigative Committee.

His son, Vadim Gorbunov, was detained 225 miles from the crime scene in Ekaterinburg after getting a carpooling lift, according to law enforcement.

The body’s of Gulya Gorbunova, the boy’s mother, and Yulia, 12, his sister were found in the house.

Police say Vadim confessed to the killings, and claimed he had not wanted to go to school. His mother had insisted, leading to a serious argument.

The final-year student was an academic high-flyer but he had not been happy with the quality of maths teaching and recently swapped classes, say reports.

First the boy killed his mother with the axe, said sources before waiting for his father to come home. His sister was his final victim.

Neighbours said the family was ‘friendly’ and Vadim had always cared for his sister.

A criminal case for murder has been opened, reported the committee.