Russian river turns beetroot red in colour forcing animals to STAY AWAY

A river in the Russian city of Kemerovo of the Siberian region turned beetroot red in colour and have shocked the internet.

According to the locals, animals are not entering the rivers that appear toxic, however, so far, it has not been determined which chemical has caused the discolouration or if it can cause any health risks, reported Daily Mail.

According to environmental officers, the red colour was caused due to a blocked drain. Andrei Panov, deputy governor of Kemerovo, said, “The city storm drainage system is a possible source of contaminated water.”

He added that police were seeking to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

The report quotes Elena Dubrovskaya, a resident of the city, who said that the water body looks like cranberry jelly today, not a river. Previously, two other rivers turned red, however, residents were not informed of the exact causes.

Locals said that  all the ducks are at the bank and they are not going into the river.

In June this year, an oil spill happened in Norilsk, Siberia which was called the worst ecological catastrophe of the polar artic by the environmentalists. Thousands of tons of diesel spilled in the River Daldykan then and it is said that it will keep polluting the river for a long time. There were blood red-orange coloured sludges found in the river.