Russian millionaire craving McDonald’s food HIRES private helicopter to fly to the nearest store 450km away

In a rather unusual incident a Russian millionaire craving for some burgers and fries hired a private helicopter to fly out to the nearest McDonald’s store.

At the end of the last month, 33-year-old Viktor Martynov was on a vacation in Alushta, Crimea with his girlfriend when they craved McDonald’s and decided to take a break from their holiday and flew over 450 km to get their favourite meal.

They ordered burgers, fries and milkshakes, and that it cost around 49 pounds, the Bloknot Krasnodar reported.

Martynov, who runs a company of helicopters in Russia, took things in his own hands and posted a video to explain his decision. He explained how they had grown tired of all the clean food they were being provided and wanted some junk food. As the nearest outlet of McDonald’s was in Krasnodar, they decided to fly there.

He said “My girlfriend and I were tired of proper, organic food, we wanted normal Moscow food. Therefore, we took a helicopter and flew to Krasnodar.”

Dubbing the trip as “an interesting adventure”, Martynov added that they enjoyed eating the hamburgers while flying by in the helicopter. After the aerial adventure, the couple returned back to their hotel in Crimea and rested for the day.

Crimea used to have three McDonald’s outlets before Russia annexed the Ukrainian peninsula in 2014. After the abrupt annexation, the fast food chain decided to stop its services there.