Russian man finally removes stuffed coin inside from his nose from 50 years ago

A Russian man had a coin removed from his nose after it was lodged inside for five decades.

The 59-year-old man had pushed it inside his nostril when he was a 6-year-old boy. Growing up with a strict mother, the boy was scared to report the accident to her. He later forgot the incident altogether and the coin remained lodged in his nose for 50 years.

While the coin remained inert and unknown inside the nose and did not cause any trouble for years. But recently, he complained of not being able to breath from his right nostril. If it was only after getting a scan of his nose done that the coin was discovered and the man realised that he had been living with the metal object inside his nasal passage ever since he was a little boy.

Wondering how the man was able to breath all these years? It turned out that nasal cavity stones called rhinoliths had formed inside the man’s nasal passage, preserving his ability to breath.

According to a British daily, the coin that the boy put in his nose had been a Soviet era coin that was not in circulation or use anymore. It must have had a hammer and sickle symbol on it, representing the USSR, but the markings had faded due to long years of being lodged inside the human body.

This is not the first time that a man has found a foreign object lodged in his nose. In 2015, 51-year-old England resident Steven Easton from Surrey discovered a bit of a dart wedged in his nose. It was only discovered after 44 years when he flew out of his nose during a sneezing fit.