Insane Social Media Reactions

Russian influencer fined for tying girlfriend on top of car and driving in full speed

Two influencers in Russia are facing criticism after they posted a rather bizarre stunt on social media.

Sergey Kosenko is one of the topmost social media influencers of Russia. He has millions of followers on all social networking websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

In the video shared, he is seen tying his girlfriend Ilona to the roof of his car with the help of a rope. After this, the car is seen running on the road at full speed. During this, Ilona screamed in fear, but Sergey did not stop the car. He kept driving while holding his girlfriend’s hand the entire time.

The video has attracted backlash with people calling Sergey out for his stupidity. One of the comments on Kosenko’s Instagram read, “I don’t see what’s funny about it,” while another one said, “Kids might watch this video and it may end up differently.”

A third user said, “To be honest, I’m not sure what’s so amusing about it, but everyone seems to enjoy it. Is this the example you set for your own children?”

After battling a barrage of criticism levelled towards him on social media, Sergey clarified that he had taken every precaution to avoid any possible accidents.

The couple also lost social media followers. Sergey and his girlfriend issued public apologies and were fined 750 rubles by the Moscow State Traffic Inspectorate, who said that they are looking into the act.

This is not the first time Sergey has got into trouble for his stunts. Earlier this year, he was deported from Indonesia for hosting a party that violated Covid-19 restrictions.